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About Fenik’s Sweet Corn

Fenik's Sweet Corn was started in 1943 by Steve and Louise Fenik.  They sold sweet corn and strawberries at a small roadside table in front of their house on Lake Avenue, while raising seven sons.

Steve did the tilling, planting, and picking with help from the boys while Louise sold the fruit and vegetables at the stand and exchanged recipes and crochet patterns with many customers who became friends.

Fenik's is still family-owned and operated. Two of the sons, John and Patrick, along with their wives and kids run the stand, do the planting, picking, and whatever else needs to be done.  Pat and his family live on the old homesite and John lives on West Ridge Road. The crops are grown on both farms.

The stand has expanded from sweet corn to include green beans, onions, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, and many other vegetables, including pumpkins in the fall.

Steve and Louise Fenik
Steve and Louise Fenik